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BIAL is constructing new roads and widening existing accessways to Bengaluru International Airport in north Bangalore.

The Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru – BLR Airport – is all set to expand by getting bigger and better.

Bengaluru has been setting the pace for India’s aviation growth and the city airport has emerged as one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world.

BIAL is all set to undertake a massive Rs 13,000 crore capital infusion to cater to the demands of a civil aviation market that has been growing at a fast pace of 25% YoY for the last three years.

This development programme includes a new terminal, a second runway, massive expansion of the access roads and internal road infrastructure, utilities as well as a new multi-modal transport hub.

Road Network and expansion:

With an increase in passenger traffic, upgradation of various connectivity options to the BLR Airport will be carried out. As a part of landside expansion to meet the increasing vehicular traffic, BIAL is constructing a new road and widening the existing access road.

The expansion will be carried out in four phases, each ensuring minimal impact on passengers and visitors to the Airport.

Among the plans are:

• Main Access Road (MAR) will be widened in phases to 10 lanes (5+5) – from the existing 4 lanes (2+2).

• The Trumpet interchange will be expanded with 2 lanes on either side to and from the city.

• The new Southern Access Road (SAR), a 3 + 3 lane, which runs parallel to the existing MAR from the first roundabout will be made operational by March 2019.

• During the expansion of the MAR, road traffic will be diverted to the SAR en route to the Terminal.

• The North Cargo Road will be widened to 4 lanes to accommodate the growth of cargo traffic.

• As part of the road expansion, the landscape will be revamped, with existing plants/ shrubs transplanted to other areas.

• A taxi and bus staging facility will be developed adjacent to the SAR. A Multi-Modal Transport Hub will also be constructed on the forecourt area of T2.

These developments are designed to ensure that adequate provisions are made for Namma Metro to seamlessly enter and exit the KIA terminal. Two stations have been planned within KIA complex.

The overall campus design for connectivity is planned to integrate future modes of transportation also.

Multi-Modal Transport Hub

The proposed Multi-Modal Transport Hub (MMTH) at the BLR Airport is expected to serve as the centrepiece of the central forecourt development and integrate the following facilities:

• Existing Terminal 1 (T1).

• Future Terminal 2 (T2) phases 1 and 2.

• Any future terminal development post Terminal 2 (to be defined in the master plan update).

• Hotel.

• Other forecourt developments.

The proposed MMTH will also, eventually, serve as a transport interchange between multiple transport models including the future Metro, public bus services, taxis and other modes of future transport.


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