Kodigehalli underpass to nowhere


The Kodigehalli underpass has been one of the most neglected infrastructure works in north Bangalore.

The road which earlier connected Kodigehalli with Thindlu has been dug up for over three years now.

The work has come to a complete standstill due to several problems.

And, the local MLA and the corporators remain unmoved. A recent candle light vigil too was in vain.

“It’s nobody’s baby,’ laments Nanda Kishore, long time resident who’s been cut off ‘for a long time now,” he says resignedly.

The residents have knocked on every possible door and nobody has responded.

The main reason, officials point out is that the project has run into land acquisition problems.

Really? That means, attempts were made by the BBMP to acquire land only after the project started.

The only agency that responded was the Railways who ensured there were no disruptions to movement of trains.

The construction has disrupted life for many. It has become a nightmare for shopkeepers and residents who have to take a 3-4 km detour through narrow roads.

The road has been dug deep posing danger to several residences. Unscientific planning and approach has led the project come to a grinding halt. It was to have been completed in a record six months.

The construction material strewn around raises dust and residents have been complaining of respiratory diseases.

Children who walk to nearby schools brave past the deep trenches everyday which is a nightmare for their parents.

To ease the problem, the BBMP has constructed an alternate underpass near Canara Bank layout which has only worsened the traffic nightmare.

The Kodigehalli police station, which serves Sahakarnagar, Thindlu and Kodigehalli is now cut off and crimes have gone up as police are not able to patrol the area. “There has been a rise in chain snatching cases,” a police officer said.

Shivshankar, a chemist says his business has shrunk.

Shanti a Florist, who used to sell flowers regularly near the Ganesha temple in Kodigehalli finds it difficult to walk all the way.

The local Corporator, Chetan, was unavailable for comment. However, former Corporator Ashwathnarayan says:

“Bengaluru north MP and union minister Sadananda Gowda had approved the project while he was the Railway Minister. MLA Krishna Byre Gowda had promised land owners a higher compensation. The land owners were given a profitable compensation, but a few filed cases demanding even higher compensation”.


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