Lakes around north Bangalore came alive for run


The Mera Terah Run around six lakes in the neighbourhood was conducted to kick-off the December event to create awareness to save water bodies.

The kick-off for Mera Terah Run 2017 started at Jakkur lake this Sunday with a 13-km run along six neighbouring lakes.

The Mera Terah Run (MTR), slated for December is a huge all India event to create awareness to help save lakes.

This run was co-hosted by Jala Poshan which looks after the sprawling Jakkur lake.

Runners and enthusiasts were ready along with local residents early in the morning for the fun run to raise awareness. Incidentally, due to the record October rain and the showers in the preceding month has left most of the six lakes on the route which included Jakkur, Rachenahalli, Venkateshpura,  Chokkanahalli, Tirumenahalli and Agrahara lakes filled to the brim.

“At each lake information was put out on the Whatsapp group about the lake. At every lake, citizens’ groups received the runners and encouraged them as well as shared information about their respective lakes,” Dr Annapurna S. Kamath, from Jala Poshan said.

More than 100 runners participated in the MTR 2017 kick-off. Two horseback riders, a few cyclists and bikers were also part of the event.

The event started and ended at the Jakkur lake. On the occasion, a few Sampige saplings were planted on the Sampigehalli side of the lake and local residents sang a few meaningful songs on environment.

MTR 2017 is an awareness movement. While there is water everywhere, it is time to stop and think as Urban India has experienced a spectacular oscillation between drought and flood. As the Mera Terah Run Collective enters its fourth year, we had picked the cause to support it this year as part of our effort at rejuvenating urban water bodies, Dr Annapurna told North Bangalorepost.


The six lakes were chosen carefully as each of them are in different sizes and shapes; have different ingress and egress mechanisms; have varying levels of public engagement and have different levels of development. But, all of them have a unique eco-system around them.


Runners and those who walked along discovered a little history of each lake, local legends attached to them and songs about the environment sung by residents abutting the water bodies.


MTR 2017’ focus can be gauged by this little rhyme:


Water Water Everywhere. The car floats (it does not sink).

Enough with this desperate rhyme. I cannot bear the stink.


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