Rains swell water bodies in north Bangalore


Rain, rain everywhere in north Bangalore is good news. Atleast, for the water bodies.

The Hebbal, Jakkur, Alalasandra, Rachenahalli, Dr Rajkumar and other lakes in north Bangalore are getting filled to the brim.

Even the Amruthahalli lake, which was drained out and desilted one summer ago is gradually filling up.

Sanjeev Dyamanavar from Jalmitra, an NGO says the Rachenahalli lake is getting good inflow due to rains from the Jakkur side.

Jalmitra, which takes care of this lake along with BBMP is represented by Maj Gen Haridas Gopal (retd), IFS officer Sreedhar Punathi, Dr Shoba Anand, Sreenath Bendre, Venkatesh Nadig, Anbu and others who have been guarding the Rachenahalli lake perimeter zealously from 2015.

They have taken up several green initiatives apart from watching out for encroachments.

The iconic Hebbal lake on one side of the cloverleaf has been handed over to EIH Limited of the Oberoi Group on long lease and the lake is brimming as evident from the flyover.

During this rains, on a few occasions, lake water has spilled over to neighbouring areas such as Bhadrappa Layout says Gayathri Kiran, a resident. “There are several breaches in the storm water drain between the Military Farm and Amco Layout. Miscreants have also torn the fence and a part of the wall, and whenever it rains, the Hebbal lake water discharges into the storm water drain and overflows into the layouts. This is especially dangerous as this is the season for dengue. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes and is a cause for concern,” she says.

Amruthahalli lake, which was full of weeds, was cleared two years ago and from earlier this year, traces of water could be seen. Now, almost the entire lake area has been filled up due to recent rains. “This is a good sign. We are going to plant trees as the government has made plans to beautify the lake which includes a pathway around the lake perimeter, an island and more greenery,” says Devaraj Gowda, president of Amrut Nagar Residents Welfare Association.

North Bangalore has been receiving lesser rainfall than other parts of Bangalore but that has not stopped these lakes from filling up. The entire area is a catchment system where lakes are connected by raja kaluves and storm water drains. “The only concern is that untreated water let into the drains may cause problems for residents downstream. The BBMP and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) have to address this issue quickly,” says Jakkur resident Krishnamoorthy.

With the water filling up, water fowls and other birds, including some cranes have been vising these lakes. This is also an indication that fish are thriving, adds a fisherman on the banks of the Dr Rajkumar lake which has also been handed over on long lease by the government to an amusement park.



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