For a change, teachers listened in rapt attention


As doctors from Aster CMI Hospital, Hebbal, spoke on how to handle children during emergencies that occur in schools, it was the turn of teachers from Chrysalis High to listen in rapt attention, just like their students.

The FAST programme – First Aid for Students and Teachers – is an ambitious project of ASTER CMI’s Paediatrics department that aims to educate, empower and enlighten teachers, parents and high school students about child safety and first aid.

According to Aster doctors, every day around the world, the lives of more than 2,000 families are affected by unintentional injuries or so-called “accidents” in schools that could have been prevented or treated early by trained personnel.

Unintentional injuries are also a major cause of disabilities, which can have a long-lasting impact on all facets of children’s lives – their relationships, learning and play. “Children live in a world designed for adults, and because their body contours and behaviour are different, they are more prone to injury,” a doctor explained to the assembled teachers.

“Children’s curiosity and drive to explore their world are not matched by the capacity to understand danger,” the doctor added.

Around 180 teachers and staff of Chrysalis High in Yelahanka New Town attended the FAST training programme that was organised just before the school started its fresh academic year.

School Principal, Radhika Lobo, after witnessing the Basic Life Support demonstration and talk by the doctors said: “This programme is so useful. During school, we see students suffer nose bleeding, fainting, falling, cramping and we had no idea what is the right thing to do. I would recommend such training and awareness programmes to all schools and our own branches as teachers need to know how to deal with emergencies.”

She said only in Hollywood movies we watch trained non-medical personnel administer CPR during emergencies. “In India too, teachers and volunteers can be trained as first responders. You have explained it so well,” she complimented the Aster doctors.

“We are already confident of handling children,” Lobo added.

The school teachers were impressed with the way Aster doctors pointed to the dangers around everyday school life where more than a thousand students from tiny tots to high school children mill around campuses.

At Aster CMI – Paediatrics, the hospital’s doctors and staff work with teachers, parents and High School Students to make their immediate environment safe and create an army of Basic First Aid Providers who can do the right thing at the right time in the right way before medical help arrives.

Shaheen Mahpara from Aster CMI thanked the school principal for taking the lead to educate and spread awareness on the emergencies that occur around children. She also hoped to work closely with the school in future.

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