How to acquire a wedding glow


Getting hitched soon? Then you have to look your glowing best!

Many people ask me this question: How to acquire a glowing skin? The question does not always come from would-be brides. Grooms too pose similar questions.

Glowing skin is a radiant skin which reflects good health, skin tone and texture. It is not essentially what is seen on TV as in real life, it can be different.

When it comes to the Indian context, it mainly means fairness which is a wrong term. Any skin texture can have a beautiful glow.

So, how does one prepare to have a glowing skin?

  • Start before 6 months or a year before D day ( Wedding day)
  • Change your lifestyle
  • A good diet is a good foundation for glowing skin. Your skin is what you eat!
  • So one can start with super foods such as walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, oily fish and also colourful vegetables and foods
  • The more colourful veggies you eat, the more it is rich in antioxidants and
  • Always remember that water is one of the most crucial inputs for glowing skin. A well hydrated person will reflect on their skin.

So next thing you should do is get a good amount of quality sleep.  This helps in reducing ones insulin resistance.

In case you have an erratic lifestyle and  you are not eating properly, the result will be dull looking skin.

So to prevent this from happening, include some exercises and regular meals, to prevent dull skin due.

The next step is to understand what type of skin is yours and one has to choose the right product accordingly which would include good moisturizer and sun block to start with.

You will have to exfoliate adequately and hydrate skin properly.  In case there is some trouble in the skin regarding pigmentation or acne,  these have to treated. These issues take good 4-6 months’ time for treatment. So start early for good results.

Oral medications have also shown good results in improvement of skin. Molecules like Vitamin C, Glutothyon and pine back extract add to that glowing skin.

These are some good ways to achieve a Wedding Glow.

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