An itchy fungal epidemic that can spread


An itchy and rampant disease which affects almost every second patient in a dermatology out-patient department is Fungal infections. Such infections are slowly becoming a raging epidemic, almost showing no signs of recovering in spite of treatment.

Fungal infections are caused by dermatophytes which thrive on human skin and flourish when the condition is best for the fungus to spread.

This happens due to low immunity, long term use of steroid creams, humid environment, exposure to someone having fungal infection and resistant fungus.

Among all these causes, the top reason is steroid usage which has become the main reason for the fungus to become an epidemic and a resistant form which is difficult to treat. So the disease leaves a person with an itchy skin disorder that refuses to heal.

Characterised by itchy patches of skin with a border and central clearing, usually this form of fungal infection is quite contagious. It is common to pick up a cream from a chemist and there starts the problem. When using a steroid-based cream, there is quick relief but it comes back with a vengeance soon after one stops applying the cream.

The best way forward is to understand what the disease is from a qualified medical practitioner and also not to indulge in steroid abuse. Once the right combination of medicines are used, this disease can be healed well.

Always remember to treat other members of family or get it checked too, wear clothes which are completely dry, do not share clothes, towels and toiletries, clean nails well while having bath and keeping the surroundings clean.

When a steroid cream is used for a fungal infection, you contribute to this epidemic by making the fungal infection resistant and this resistance has to be

kept in check or soon there will be a day when fungal infections become untreatable.

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