Tips for men to age gracefully


Beauty and grooming is not just for women. A large number of men are paying close attention to look their best and young. Studies say well-groomed persons climb the corporate ladder more quickly.

“Men are like wine; some turn to vinegar but the best improve with age” – Pope Johnxxii

Beauty and grooming practices have always been associated with women, but doesn’t everyone deserve to look their best?

While for one gender its pressure, another looks at it dismissively.

However, developing a skin care routine must neither be pressure nor should be waved aside. At the best it must become a necessity for everyone who desires to carry themselves with their best foot forward.

And yes, skin care is not just a wash and go regimen anymore as men consider anti-ageing options with gusto, says dermatologist, Dr Tina Ramachander.

This change towards an attitude about good skin care practices in men is welcoming and has become acceptable due to ease of available resources coupled with the awareness that it is affordable to look better and age gracefully.

Dr Tina says many researches and studies into the working of the corporate world have proved that a well groomed person is more accepted and hence can climb up the ladder easily.

Here are a few pointers of how a man can take care of himself:

1) Use an appropriate skin routine that is age specific. A younger skin requires  moisturizer, sunscreen or specific creams for certain skin issues, whereas a mature skin requires more attention.

2) Dry skin requires intense moisturizing creams while acne-prone skin requires water based moisturizers.

3) Avoid ” fairness” creams which promise to be the elixir for all your skin problems like 5-in-1 offers as these may contain steroids that promise if anything but side effects.

4) Apply the right skin barrier creams prior and post a shave.

5) Applying retinoids as anti-ageing routines at night is helpful to increase the cell cycle turn over rate.

6) Dark patches on face can be made better following a good routine and lifestyle

7)Hair colors and chemicals used on hair can cause irritation and dark patches so choose wisely.

8) A well balanced diet and exercise is a great addition to the anti-ageing care of skin.

In Maurice Chevalier’s words, “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternatives “.

Though ageing is but a natural process we all go through, Dr Tina says confidence can be retained and one can age beautifully if we invest time in the right skin care tactics. So search for the best alternatives to make your skin feel rested, rejuvenated and happy.

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