Women can bald unfortunately true


When the term baldness is used, one usually pictures a bald man but balding of scalp can be common among women too.

In fact it is becoming quite common and we can attribute this to various reasons such as:

1) More women nowadays take on challenging roles – which is wonderful – but the balancing act between home, work and children can take its toll.

2) “No time” for oneself: Between busy schedules, many do not have the time to have even a meal. a bite is on-the-go or its completely forgotten.

3) Hormonal imbalances which are a result of irregular food,sleep and exercise routines.

4) Environmental factors and lack of protection from harsh chemicals and UV rays.

5) Hereditary causes.

6) Nutritional deficiencies among which iron deficiency is the most common.

7) Pregnancy-related stress.

The good news about this is we can revive the scalp and get hair back once we are aware of the causes for its loss.

Some people are able to get back their lost hair completely,whereas in some others, they can stop the fall and get back some of the hair

The do’s for maintaining a healthy mane include the following:

1) A good lifestyle realignment – when you figure out how your routine can be made more efficient, leaving time for you to prep and plan your day according to your schedule, you are left with time for yourself. Sometimes, it means having to wake up early but the long term benefits for a structured lifestyle are way too many, hence the key is planning to do the right thing.

Eating food: Super food groups such as oily fish and walnuts flax seeds that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, more of green leafy veggies, sprouts, all colourful fruits and veggies.

Eggs are great but when overdone one should remember that it contains avidin which can inhibit a vitamin called biotin, essential for hair.

Absorption of food is also hampered in some cases, getting deworming done regularly once in 6 months helps

2) Exercise is a great way not only for weight loss and maintenance but also for balancing the hormones and keeping the fasting insulin in check , since insulin resistance can lead to many such issues, the skin tone and hair quality is all improved due to the increased oxygen and blood supply.

3) Using the right products for the hair according to the type of hair loss. There are various types of hair fall and this is best examined and determined by a dermatologist

Types of common hair fall –

Telegram effluvium – The drastic hair fall seen after pregnancy, weight loss, post surgery or illness can get controlled well but when not corrected for long, leads to chronic problems and balding of scalp

Female pattern and male pattern hair loss – Central parting of hair gets wider or the sides on the scalp in front and the crown area gets sparse to begin with.

With tablets and lotions you can achieve control of hair loss and growth of it over a period of time, sometimes lifelong therapies are required to maintain the hair

When not responding to these therapies such as platelet plasma rejuvenation and hair transplants are the next best options.

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