Do you have a cauliflower growing on you?


Boils on the skin aren’t as innocent as they seem, they can be a painful wart. 

At times, boils cause irritation to the skin.

However, most of us take it lightly and carry on with our everyday activities as we assume the pain to be temporary or not significant enough to pay attention.

But, all boils should not be taken lightly for there are a few that not only refuse to budge from your skin but slowly spreads its way leading to even more stubborn boils.

Dr Tina Ramachander explains that if a boil has been persistently present for more than a few weeks with a dull grayish tinge, you can be sure that it is not an innocent case of a rare boil.

“These boils begin their attack at a slow and steady pace to establish themselves as to who they actually are. Such flourishing boils are medically called warts.”

One of the easiest ways to find out if you have a wart or not is to know that any case of bleeding because of a boil is not normal. Only warts rupture and bleed easily.

“If you witness a rough outgrowth in and around your hands and the soles of your feet, then you can be assured that this irritant is a wart. Most warts resemble a cauliflower or a rough blister. They are commonly found amongst school-going children because they are easily transmitted through skin to skin contact that children develop at school and at home,” says the specialist.

Though treatments for warts are aplenty, they do not avoid a relapse as the human papilloma virus that causes warts, cannot be rid off soon.

There are many precautions one has to follow if they happen to have warts.

According to Dr.Tina, one must learn not to pick on warts as that will cause further damage and bleeding.

Practicing good health hygiene, keeping the nails trimmed and covering the wart area is essential.

Other than this, medical surgeries like electrosurgery are used to burn the wart. In the procedure called curretage, the wart is cut off with a knife. Though such surgeries may remove the wart, it may not remove the virus that causes it.

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