Get ready for the PTM look.


A Father’s Day special for the hardworking fathers.

Looking your best self is something everyone deserves, In today’s world the stress, professional and personal duties leave less time if not any for grooming. Most of us run pillar to post checking off our everyday list of to-do’s.

Have any of you wondered at your parent teacher meetings on how that perfect looking mother or father manages to have it all ‘Together’? And look effortlessly young and fresh and somehow always, their children too seem to be calm and happy.

This edition is for those fathers who put in their everything for the family and forget about themselves. These simple day-to-day habits can take you a long way in managing that “PTM” look which seemed elusive until now.

A typical day in a man’s life would be work, food, work, some more work, travel, work, lots of laptop and phone time, and somewhere fit in the time with “family” for short bursts. Lots of them do exercise and take time out for themselves which is great and they belong to the “put Togther ” family usually.

Exercise is the best thing ever, it’s anti ageing, stress relieving, prevents joint pains and all those posture related aches. It keeps you young, happy and sane in the midst of all the happenings in day to day life, get yourself moving you’ll be so glad you took up this habit a few years later when your peers look much older then you.

Food is misunderstood the most nowadays with all the health fads, but in a nut shell it’s 80% of your weight loss and your skin and hair reflect what you get into your belly. Increase your protein, vegetables, nuts seeds, water, decrease sugars, processed food, alcohol smoking.

Sleep better it reduces stress

Include yoga since it’s a great tool for your mental health.

Skin care for men usually is wash face, dab powder and head out but if you want to do it correctly an appropriate cleanser, sunblock in the morning, a moisturiser and anti-ageing cream at night, yes you read that right, anti-ageing cream and wnot? Men age faster due to frequent exposure to the sun.

If the skin is damaged by sun, then an antioxidant cream or agents like vitamin-C , hydronic acid ceramides work wonders in healing and restoring the skin.

Procedures on the skin to improve its appearance range from simple microdermabrasion to laser resurfacing, Botox and filler , men are way more aware of their looks now, and are open to interventions like these. Hesitation is one reason many hold themselves back but there is no vanity in trying to look good and feel good. Its your right to and you deserve it, you never know , your friendly neighbours glowing skin , may have a dermatologist quietly working away at it from many years.

So, dear fathers, it’s about time you took charge of your health and turned it around and Happy Father’s Day. Your strength, hard work and dedication to your family is unparalleled. More power to you.

Dr. Tina Ramachander, is a dermatologist and cosmetologist. She is Medical Director, Dr. Tina’s Skin Solutionz, below Bata showroom, KIA road, Sahakarnagar. Call 080-40913394or 9035098652. Log on to for more information.


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