Look out for blisters on your child


Parents need to pay attention if they spot small blisters on their little ones. Especially, if these blisters are on their hands and mouth.

This is the season for hand-foot-and-mouth disease or HFMD and awareness is important as it can spread soon. This typically affects small children which makes them very vulnerable.

As this disease is a viral one, it is notorious for being contagious and presents itself with the following symptoms.

1) Painful boils and blisters mainly around the hands and feet area.

2) Also affects the mouth in the form of ulcers.

3) Children can have difficulty swallowing food and refuse to eat.

4) In some cases, it can also be accompanies by fever.

Once these symptoms are spotted, including rashes on the buttocks, parents can help make it better for their child by following the following.

Do’s and dont’s:

1)Once it is confirmed as hand, foot and mouth disease, keep the child away from school and other children in the neighbourhood. Report it to school authorities as they can check if other students have been already infected with it.

2) Do not burst the boils as this can lead to secondary infections.

3) Feed the child with food that is non-spicy, easy to chew and swallow.

4) Get a medical opinion before it aggravates.


A medicinal course of anti- inflammatory analgesics and antibiotics usually gives good relief. However, it takes a few weeks for the child to recover once referred to a specialist.

This is a common disease and easy to treat once an appropriate diagnosis is arrived at.

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Dr. Tina Ramachander is a dermatologist and cosmetologist. She is Medical Director, Dr. Tina’s Skin Solutionz, below Bata showroom, KIA road, Sahakarnagar. Call 080-40913394 or 9035098652 for appointments.


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