Fillers – myths, taboo and the wow factor


What is a filler and why does it scare a person when one hears the word?

That’s because the first thing that comes to mind are those botched up jobs on TV and social media. Filler is probably the most misunderstood procedure and let’s find out why.

1) What is a filler and how does it help?

It’s a substance which is used to build volume and lift the skin. It can be of different materials, but usually hyaluronic acid is used. This is also found in the human body.

2) Is filler used by old people?

No. Filler can be used across ages above 18. In cases of sad droopy corners of the mouth, it can correct asymmetries. For example, if one side of the lip is smaller than the other, to reduce bigger nostrils, to correct the bridge of the nose if its flat, hollow sunken eyes can be made better etc.

3) Will it make my face look ugly like how we see on TV?

Filler when done correctly does not look awkward and an evident correction. Usually the comments from near and dear ones is  “you look rested and relaxed” “You lost weight?”  “You look younger “. So, who doesn’t want such wonderful complements?

The filler stories on TV are mostly the botched up stories. Unfortunately, people don’t discuss much on this beautiful side of the therapy since it’s still considered a taboo.

4) What are its side effects?

Filler is an injectable method and the chances of bruising and pain can happen, which is now taken care of with fillers which have local anaesthesia inbuilt within one syringe. Brushing is short term and resolves soon. If the filler is not done by a qualified practitioner or placed incorrectly, it can lead to blockage of blood vessels and side effects due to such blockage.

5) Is it expensive?

These treatments are niche procedures providing the benefit for 1 year to 2 years so when you look at the long run, it’s definitely a doable thing for improving the skin and feeling confident. It does sound expensive in the short term, but can save you many trips to the parlour and anti-aging creams which are used for 1 year to 2 years.

6) How soon can I see the results?

It’s seen immediately. It is most gratifying to see the change for both the doctor and the patient. It is best done two weeks prior to important events to avoid bruising related changes, if any.

7) What is the best way to get a filler done?

A discussion with your dermatologist or plastic surgeon about the concerns on the skin like:

My face is sagging and wrinkled

I look sad even if I don’t feel sadness. People ask me why am I sulking?

My eyes look tired.

Someone asked me if I am tired even after a good nights’ rest

My jaw has lost its definition

Neck is crinkly

Hands are wrinkled

And then onwards, a discussion on the options available: either a filler alone or in combination with other procedures like lasers Botox.

And the expected outcomes. Take a look at the pictures of patients who have undergone such procedures. 

8) Is it painful?

It feels exactly like a sharp prick. Its mostly a well-tolerated procedure and may feel sore for few a days. Molding is done to gently massage the product into the skin tissue.

Filler is a well-kept secret of many people seeking aesthetic improvement in their skin. It gives great results in a subtle way and its definitely beneficial as it saves long term expenses.

Hope this article gives an understanding of the filler and its many abilities to turn around ones confidence and wow factor. Take a call today and then go talk to your dermatologist. Looking younger has never been out of fashion and now it’s your turn.

Dr. Tina Ramachander, is a dermatologist and cosmetologist. She is Medical Director, Dr. Tina’s Skin Solutionz, below Bata showroom, KIA road, Sahakarnagar. Call 080-40913394or 9035098652. Log on to for more information.


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