Summer care for travel buffs


It is summer again with the hint of first showers! And, everyone is ready to pack their bags for an adventure. But, don’t forget these tips for your skin and hair.
If you are heading towards a Goan beach, grab good amounts of water, dab that moisturizer and sunscreen (preferably water resistant) every two hours. A wide brimmed hat and a wider smile will do too!
If you are leaving for a colder clime like Himachal Pradesh to escape the heat, moisturize well. You will still need that sunscreen as snow and water reflect UV rays that definitely need more protection.

Did you know that UV rays can damage your hair too? So, cover it and protect it.

Kids too can get affected fast by UV – watch out for redness and burning blister formation which needs first aid care. Pediatric sunscreens are available and can be applied many times a day while being outdoors.
Drink lots of water to compensate for water loss.

Safety tip: Keep an antibiotic cream handy for cuts or unintended pricks while holidaying.

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