There are many Bahubalis in you


Bahubali literally means strength of arms and we associate it with a wonderful cinematic experience which makes us proud.
Did you know that we have a potent mechanism in our bodies working tirelessly to keep us going strong which is likened to “Bahubali”?

The humble vitamins and minerals which we take for granted and consume supplements whenever we remember to, are in fact a treasure trove of a lot of health benefits, if utilised correctly.

From skin, hair and nail perspectives, these vitamins play a vital role to keep it in its optimum health and vitality.

So, how do vitamins help and what happens when it is lacking in the body? Let’s find out:

1) Vitamin A:

It rich sources are mangoes, carrots, yellow vegetables, fish oils, butter, liver etc.

When deficient, it leads to dry skin, texture of skin around hair follicles becomes rough and boils can occur, this happens especially on upper arms, thighs and buttock areas. There is a dullness of skin in general.

2) Vitamin D:

Though present to some extent in food such as eggs, liver its mainly derived from the skin when exposed to sun light.

Deficiency of this, a very common occurrence nowadays, leads to mainly bone- related issues but hair loss is a common symptom of vitamin D along with itchy skin.

3)Vitamin E:

Its sources include nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Vitamin E being an antioxidant leads to many beneficial effects on ageing skin, wrinkles etc and prevents sunburns, reduces sun damage and dehydration of skin.

4) Vitamin B complex:

It is a complex of many vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Biotin and pantothenic acid. It is found in good quantities in vegetables, meat, eggs, milk.

A wide range of deficiencies like dryness and cracking of corners of lips, flaking of skin around nose eyes and ears, pigmentation on palms and knuckles, reddish tongue, sunburn like rash around neck and face, dry luster less hair.

5) Vitamin C:

Largely found in citrus fruits.

Lack of Vitamin C leads to pigmentation around hair follicles, swollen bleeding gums, cuts and wounds around the lip area.

6) Iron:

Iron is found in green leafy vegetables, ragi, pomegranate, dates, fig etc.

Lack of iron leads to hair loss, dull lusterless hair, under eye dark circles, sore tongue, nails getting deformed and assumes a spoon-like shape.


Shell fish, green veggies, nuts are rich in zinc.

Zinc is a part of many biochemical reactions in the body. Its deficiency can range from very severe to mild and usually causes dry patches of skin over palms elbows and knees, diaper dermatitis like rash in infants and boils around the mouth.

We have an epidemic of junk food habits these days rampant amongst teenagers and young adults. When fruits and vegetables are swapped for pizza and burgers, we can expect these vitamins and minerals to get low and hence cause health issues.

A healthy diet is the best way to prevent rather than be sorry for the plethora of diseases these deficiencies can lead to.

So, decide whether you want to acquire these Bahubalis or not!

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