Treatment of keloid explained by Dr. Tina


Treatment of keloid made easy with injectables and laser.

Dr. Tina Ramachander, leading dermatologist and cosmetologist talks about treatment of keloid in this health column.

Keloids is a common skin disease. It appears either after a wound or by itself on the skin. Keloid is nothing but a scar that grows out of control because it is not treated in time.

Keloids appear as a scar and refuses to reduce as time goes by. That part of the body can become itchy and painful and needs immediate medical attention. 

Areas affected by Keloid:

The areas commonly affected are pimples on the face, chest and back of the shoulders. These areas are where treatment of keloid is required.

“So, Keloid is most aggressive on the chest area and extends in a manner of crab claws,” says Dr Tina. “Some people afflicted on the chest may experience difficulty to breath and can get infected too,” she adds.

Bangalore has many dermatologists who treat various skin ailments, including keloids. But, this particular growth needs understanding and attention. Dr Tina Ramachander, who practices in Bangalore, has been treating many patients afflicted with keloids. It can be treated easily with injectables and laser.

Is treatment of keloid possible?

There is no reason to worry as there are possibilities of the keloid reducing in size and with such treatment. “There are good treatment options to flatten the keloid. These do not put patients at risk because there is no risk involved in this procedure,” says Dr Tina.

Patients need physicians whom they can trust. There are many affected people whose keloids have got worse after surgery. So, it is very necessary that a treatment for keloid  is done by a qualified doctor who understands the patient well.

Keloids can occur in other places too – in ear lobes especially after ear piercings. These can be removed and stitched back, adds the specialist.

The only thing that patients should keep in mind is that recurrences are very common if they have a Keloid tendency.

Dr Tina Ramachander is an experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist for treatment of keloid practising at Dr Tina’s Skin Solutionz, below Bata showroom, KIA road, Sahakarnagar. Call 080-40913394 or 9035098652 for appointments.

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