Winter signals cracks in the skin, itchy scalp


Winter has set in and it’s time to get used to the long cold days ahead. While warm clothes and hot food may entice Bangaloreans, as a specialist, I recommend to keep moisturisers too handy.

Itchy dry skin normally is an indicator of winter being round the corner. It is also the season for eczemas to act up, dryness, atopic dermatitis, dandruff and psoriasis.

To combat these during winter, there is a need to use PH balanced soaps and avoid harsh ones. Activities such as dipping oneself in warm water for a longer duration and using soaps with strong fragrances and chemicals strips the skin of its moisture.

Applying moisturisers immediately on wet skin and then pat dry locks in hydration. Of course, applying coconut oil prior to bathing once a week is good for the skin.

Throughout the season, drinking lots of water and consuming fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants helps keep the skin supple.

Sun screens too are a good idea though one may be surprised. The sun may not be harsh in winter like in summer, but UV radiation is still out there. So, applying sun screen is a good idea which will help shield your skin.

Cold weather is a time to avoid products containing sultates, parabens and other chemicals, these are commonly found in shampoos and hand washes

Those prone to dandruff will find the flakes making a comeback with a vengeance. It is best to avoid off-the-counter hair oils and use anti-dandruff products prescribed by a physician. Oral medication also helps control the embarrassing symptoms of itchy scalp and flakes on clothes.

By following these tips, one can keep skin diseases at bay and sail through the winter.


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