Women need to prioritise Me Time


Wake up in the morning and get set for the routine – children for school, husband for work, dealing with at home in laws, cranky maids. And, finally when you are done, it’s your turn to take care of the the over working tired “me”. Sounds familiar?

This is the story of all women, working or not.

This article is more on how these never ending routines we set up for ourselves affect our health and more so its effect on aging, skin, hair and nails.

The inherent problem here probably is finding the “ideal”. What exactly is this mysterious ideal home, spic and span, hot and fresh meals for everyone, perfectly manicured hands etc that we all are after? Is this for real?

It’s largely about striking a balance and prioritise things.

A woman being healthy, active and happy is the greatest gift one can give her family.

Children grow up with a happy mother and this does wonders for their self-confidence and approach to life,

So here we go about few things we can work on in our busy schedules to take care of our health which is so important…

Wake up and have a healthy start to your day by eating fruits, nuts or having milk.

This kick starts your metabolism and breaks the insulin resistance one develops when they skip meals.

Insulin resistance leads to hormonal imbalances hair loss, acne, facial hair etc. Exercising daily for 20-30 minutes is also beneficial to prevent this.

When we have normal Indian meals which are carbohydrate-rich, we need to eat at the right time.

Take that supplement you have been avoiding or postponing as women need crucial multivitamins to function optimally – iron, calcium, vitamin D etc are so essential for vitality.

Put that sunscreen on, studies show that it’s a great way to look young and have a lesser wrinkly skin

Soaps and detergents we use to clean at home can lead to contact dermatitis and fungal problems. Seek treatment when you find the skin to be itchy, red or flaky. Nails getting green or yellow means fungus, keep hands dry, use chemicals sparingly and protect your hands and eyes.

Sometimes, simple things like a change in skin colour or texture can be a red flag -a sign of more serious conditions which have to be addressed at the appropriate time.

The person behind the list of “to do’s” also needs priority and care. I urge all you women, and the men reading it, to start today and take charge of their health.

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