Tennis, cricket camps at Sports Cult


SportsCult, a leading sports training company is offering Tennis and Cricket camps at their facility in north Bangalore.

This camp in Kodigehalli, provides two-months summer camp in these two disciplines for both beginners and those already playing.

SportsCult’s mission is to create sports facilities in neighbourhoods and deliver quality training.

Physical Education and Fitness are part of the coaching. This summer, the two-month Tennis and Cricket camp will be held between April 5 – May 4 and between May 4 – June 4.

For beginners, SportsCult will make it fun and interesting so they are motivated to continue playing the chosen sport. The training regimen includes physical education, fitness and coaching in both sports.

For those who already play, this is an opportunity to dedicate more time towards the game and enhance their competence levels further through an advanced coaching programme delivered by players who play at the National Level and by coaches, who have created National level players.

About SportsCult:

Founded with a Mission to ‘Make Sports a Culture’ and a belief that it’s never too early or too late to learn a sport, SportsCult delivers well-structured comprehensive programs suited for all ages and skill levels – be it amateurs or professionals playing for career or for recreation or fitness.

Great Quality Facilities, Standardized Training (in skill and fitness), nutrition guidance and technology driven assessment process are the cornerstone of SportsCult’s training programs.

The company believes that excellence in sports (for a professional) and sustaining physical activity through life (for anyone to stay healthy) requires the person to be physically literate and the foundation for this is laid in structured physical education during childhood.

SportsCult has created a well-structured physical education and sports curriculum for schools also.

Apart from Tennis and Cricket, SportsCult has several other offerings in the pipeline, all designed to realise their Mission to ‘Make Sports a Culture’

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