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Surveys are the next best thing to what you feel. They are closest to your gut feel. contribute to change with our surveys for change.

Dear North Bangalorepost readers!

With elections round the corner, we bring you an exciting mix of civic stories, interviews with our elected representatives, RWA groups, leading personalities in north Bangalore and embark on a couple of surveys that will set the trend.

We will be writing more civic and government-related stories to bring you even more closer to what’s happening around you.

And, while you should know what’s up, we at North Bangalorepost want you to be part of that change that everyone looks for. Towards this end, we will be running frequent surveys on a host of issues.

The surveys will be conducted jointly with MIRB, Karnataka’s most recent and strongly growing survey organisation that has been backed by experienced journalists who know the pulse of the people.

Take our first political survey here ..

Earlier too, we had done surveys on a number of issues such as BBMP tax, BBMP trifurcation, Kodigehalli underpass and on shrill horns to name a few.

Our future surveys will be straw polls as well as deep ones that will dissect and understand the geography we populate much better. It will also give our readers a sense of participation and satisfaction as we move from the past five years to the next five in our dance of democracy.

So, sit back and expect a whole lot of questions that you wanted to be answered. And, don’t forget to log on to our website, blog, FB page and Twitter account to be part of this exciting future.


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